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Get checked today! Our diabetes specialists can create a personalized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle.

High Blood Pressure

Make sure your blood pressure is in check. We offer the latest medical & life change solutions.

Urgent Care

You don't have to wait for your medical attention. Get the urgent care you need at Metro Hybrid Clinic.

Medical Skin Care

Experience the latest in medical skin care with our on-site laser removal of moles, warts, and skin tags. Technology allows us to safely  remove  unsightly marks on the skin.

ADHD Management

This comprehensive ADHD Management program provides individuals and families with strategies for managing ADHD with and without medication.

Suboxone Therapy

This powerful combination offers relief from withdrawal symptoms, curbs cravings, and helps individuals break the cycle of opioid dependence.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Metro Hybrid Clinic is your go-to source for alternative medicine prescriptions. Our Medical Marijuana Evaluation services provide a comprehensive assessment of your condition and needs, tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. Our team of qualified and experienced physicians are dedicated to providing compassionate and professional care. With our Medical Marijuana Evaluation, you can get an in-depth understanding of how medical marijuana can help you find relief from your medical condition and manage your symptoms. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of medical professionals will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that is both effective and safe. Schedule your Medical Marijuana Evaluation today and get the relief you deserve.

Treatment from a qualified professional.

Dr. Ulinfun is an experienced healthcare provider with over three decades of practice in the field. Specialize in the treatment and management of diabetes, high blood pressure, and family medicine. His experience includes working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, providing comprehensive care services, developing and implementing treatment plans, and directing disease management initiatives. He understand the complexities and nuances of chronic illnesses and have a deep passion for helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Along with his clinical expertise, he provide a patient-centered approach to care and strive to build trusting relationships with his patients. He is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to all of my patients and to improving the lives of those he serves.

Years of experience
Patients Treated
Serving the Downriver community from the same location.

Dr. Theophilus Ulinfun

Over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor, specializing in general medicine, family practice, diabetes, high blood pressure and internal medicine available to meet you urgent medical issues.

Primary care giver. Metro Hybrid Clinic.

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  • Most Prescriptions filled on Site

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Per Year
  • Cover 3 additional family Members
  • Priority scheduling
  • Up to 12 visits total per year.
  • Free Home Health Kit
  • Free E-Book on Eating for Optimal Health

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Lizzie Rose


“ I had problems in my daily life. These sessions have given me new hope to deal with my problems. Highly recommended for all. ”

Barbara Cotilla

Project Manager

“ I had problems in my daily life. These sessions have given me new hope to deal with my problems. Highly recommended for all. ”

Adem Smith

Project Manager

“ I had problems in my daily life. These sessions have given me new hope to deal with my problems. Highly recommended for all. ”

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